About the Artist: Ron Kelly

Years ago, Ron Kelly saw the writing on the wall; fish were his specialty. Born and raised in Illinois, Kelly moved to Texas with his family in 1985. Living on world-reknowned bass capital Lake Fork, and with catch-and-release becoming more and more prevalent, he began experimenting with the creation of bass reproductions. Later, he met fiberglass replica guru, Doug Fisk, who became his mentor and valued friend. Doug taught Ron his special talents. Ron now runs one of the largest fish studios in the world. Click here to review Ron's Awards and Accomplishments!

Ron's shop handles retail customers as well as wholesale to other taxidermists. They produce thousands of fish replicas every year. With an inventory of close to 1,000 different fish molds, they satisfy even the most demanding customer, including movie stars, ex-presidents, senators, governors, sports stars, and professional fishermen. Ron has a large following from South American peacock bass fishing lodges, all the way up to fishing lodges in Alaska.

Every customer is as important as the other and each is treated equally.

As a respected fish artist and judge, Ron guarantees quality and a "hands-on" touch for every replica finished in his studio. Trophies are shipped worldwide with no hassle or worry for the customer. For the next trophy you release, or one you already have, or even that "one that got away," we have a vast variety of molds that still guarantees that fish a beautiful spot on your wall!